Socrate And Machiavelli

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Socrates and Machiavelli are two of the most historic figures in the world. They both taught mankind the secrets of society behaviors. They both had different philosophy of how people in society should act, think and behave. Ethics and morale are seen differently between the two. Socrates believed that people should evaluate their lives and become ethically responsible. He often considered people should not seek money or power but to become morale correct in society. One of Machiavelli’s famous quote: “It is better to be feared than loved.” He believed that leaders should do anything necessary to gain and maintain power. How can two people with opposite moral have the same ethical beliefs? Socrates and Machiavelli were both humanist philosophers. Socrates was a philosopher of moral society. Socrates was consistently applying the moral concept of good and justice. He promoted independent thinking of one self. Machiavelli was a philosopher of power. He continually preached and argued that good ends justify bad things. He believed people in society should conform to their leaders. Machavelli is believed to be a teacher of evil. The policies that Machiavelli created for new rulers were often considered cruel. He also developed a guide on how to govern. Socrates would not have agreed with his policies and guidelines of govern. Socrates and Machiavelli would have agreed that Socrates being on trial for teaching the youth of Athens topics that may cause a disagreement to the government. Socrates and Machiavelli repeatedly share ideas of government and politics. When it came to religion, Socrates and Machiavelli had opposite views. Socrates religious ideas are similar to the Bible. Socrates was obsessed with righteous living. He believes a person with wisdom, also has virtue. He often quoted Job 28:28 “And to man
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