Henry VII: Key Achievements Of A Great Leader

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Henry VII Essay 18/5/2012 I think that Henry VII made a great leader, looking at all the key achievements of his here it makes me think that there can’t have been many kings as powerful, clever, and strong as hi. He was great militarily and financially but it is obvious that overall what he found easiest was being a great politician. His achievements of making alliances through marriage show that he must have been an extremely persuasive man to have so many relatives married to princes, princesses, queens and kings in other countries are proof of him being almightily powerful, possibly to the extent that he would never have been able to have his empire struck down. He was invincible in every way and form. Militarily he must have been strong because he kept on repelling off rebelling hordes and to take the English throne in the first place he must have had great tactics, as at the battle of Bosworth he was outnumbered and outgunned in the first hour of the battle yet…show more content…
He also made better law enforcement by building the Court of Star Chamber. He also managed to marry his children to powerful men and women in other countries such as when he married his daughter Margaret to James IV of Scotland and his youngest daughter Mary to Louis XII of France which was a very tactical decision as France were very close by and may be able to get report of enemies before they reached England. I think that this is enough proof that Henry was a great and almighty king. I believe that out of politically, militarily and financially that Henry VII was most involved financially as he had enough money to give away to his son 4,500,000 pounds sterling away then he must have had ridiculous amounts of money and was probably one of the richest kings for England to ever have in comparison to the amount of money that was around at the
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