Louis Xiv vs Peter the Great

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Jesse Osborne Block 4; World Studies Louis XIV vs. Peter the Great Peter the Great and Louis XIV had very different approaches to power during their reigns. Louis XIV wanted to please nobles and higher power people, and focused on war and peace, religion, and economic oversight. Meanwhile, Peter I took a drive to modernize the nation of Russia, taking initiative to tame the nobles and reduce their power, achieve secular control of the church, reorganize internal administration, develop an economy and make it powerful. Peter the Great laid the foundations of a modern Russia. He ruthlessly decreased the power on the boyars and demanded they serve his state. He expanded his military’s strength, and curbed groups that opposed expansion. He brought the Russian Orthodox Church under one power, and wanted to prevent the clergy from opposing westernization. He developed an iron industry, and built ports to improve his economy. However, when Peter died, he had no successors who knew how to carry on his policies, so he failed to lay the foundations of a stable state. On the other hand, Louis XIV made efforts to improve classic areas of the state, such as war, peace, religion, and the economy. Also, he got all of France’s nobles on his side. He effectively made France the most powerful superior European nation. He could afford to raise and maintain a powerful army, and could dominate Europe. He conquered countries who fought against France, and also attempted to unify France religiously. Overall, his reign was a success, and he left his successors with a solid foundation of France. Although Peter I improved Russia and attempted to modernize areas regarding the economy and military, he failed to lay the foundations of a stable state. However, Louis XIV succeeded to make France a powerful and superior state, and improved most classic areas of the
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