How Is Napoleon Bonaparte A Hero

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After the French Revolution completely changed the French society, people wanted a strong leader that will lead their country. Of all the powerful people that had the potential. Napoleon is chosen for being a strong military leader with strategy that enabled France to become a prosperous empire that dominated its surrounding countries. Among the rulers that once ruled France, Napoleon is a hero for making the country peaceful and successful. He surrendered his personal life to accomplish goals that will improve his country. He was tolerant to all religion but claimed Christianity to the official religion of his grand empire. In addition, he united the surrounding countries to prevent wars and created a period of peace. Overall, Napoleon Bonaparte devoted his lifetime to improve the French Empire and is to be classified to be a hero. From the very beginning of his exile from Corsica, he…show more content…
Napoleon paired his sister and brothers with the princes and princesses countries that had considerable power. In addition, Napoleon wanted a peaceful society that united the ideals and laws introduced during the French Revolution. He saved many lives that would have been fighting wars against the countries that he arranged the marriages for. France is in debt to his actions as a hero that save many lives and prevented many miserable events. In conclusion, Napoleon Bonaparte is considered a hero that save many lives through many decisions that he made. These decisions include the religious tolerance and allowing the enemy of the French Revolution to regain their power over with the government. In addition to the religious tolerance, Napoleon expanded his country to gain more land and power. On the other hand, he paired his siblings to allow surrounding countries to have an alliance with France. All in all, Napoleon is a hero that preserved many ideas of the French Revolution and his
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