The Expected Pattern of Children Between Birth and 19 Years

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THE EXPECTED PATTERN OF CHILDREN BETWEEN BIRTH AND 19 YEARS It is important to learn a child’s way of development and physical growing, by a child’s physical development so they can be supported for their individual needs. Children’s development can be measured by milestones… 0 – 1 YEAR • See fuzzy objects, shapes • Grasp an object • Suck, swallow • Recognise their mothers voice and smell • Cry when hungry, in pain, need changing or simply wanting a cuddle • Being startled by a loud noise. 1 -3 YEARS • Moving about – crawling, shuffling, stand with support • Sit up on their own, feed themselves • Use their hands to skilfully move an object. • Dropping something on the floor and looking where it has gone • Wave hello and goodbye • Point at someone/ something with their fingers • Babbling, or say one word I e mama, dada to communicate • They will know who their parent are, they may cry if left with some one that they don’t know! 3 – 7 YEARS • Run, climb, pedal a tricycle • Walk up stairs • Talk clearly • Tell clearly the difference between a boy/girl • Build a tower of bricks • Undo a button and thread beads • Role play and dress up • Play co – operatively with other children • Like reading books and painting • Copying an adult, help out • Having less tantrums better temper PAGE 1 7 – 12 YEARS • Throw and kick a ball • Ride a bike • Use scissors, build a model • Write clearly • Draw meaningful pictures in detail • Take turns • Make jokes • Dress themselves • Get scared/frightened e.g. ghosts… • Have a best friend • Worry about not being liked 12 years • Solve problems • Enjoy having a responsibility • Have a hobby or interest • Tell you what they are good at •
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