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THE EXPECTED PATTERN OF DEVELOPMENT FOR CHILDREN AND YOUNG PEOPLE FROM BIRTH TO 19 YEARS. Age 0-1 Physical development When a baby is born they have reflexes for swallowing and sucking. By one month they can be soothed by their mother’s voice and will try to focus on her face. At three months they should be able to lift and turn their head and at 6 months will enjoy playing and reaching out for toys. Communicative development A baby will cry when hungry right from day one. At around 5 -6 weeks a baby will coo when contented and at 3 months will smile at a smiling face. At 6 months they will show they are understanding a little of what’s going on around them and will hold out their hands to be picked up. Intellectual/cognitive development A new baby will recognise the sound of his mother’s voice and smell. At one month the baby will stop crying when hearing a familiar voice. At three months he will be able to take note of his surroundings for example he will notice a mobile hanging over him and at 6 months he will begin to explore toys with his fingers and mouth. Social, Emotional and behavioural development A new-born will have close contact with his primary carer especially when feeding. At one month he will begin to smile and show contentment even when sleeping. At three months he will love a bath and at 6 months will chuckle and give smiles of delight when playing with his primary carer. Age 1 – 3 Physical development At one year of age your child should be able to stand and perhaps he will be able to walk either by holding on to furniture or in some cases unaided. He will enjoy putting things into containers and taking them out. By age 2 he should be able to run and climb and by age 3 he should be able to pedal a bike and climb stairs using both feet consecutively. Communicative development At one year of age your child should be able to
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