Aspects of Child Development

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The pattern of development in all individuals from being a child to an adult varies based on several external and internal factors. Each child develops at a different rate and order. A child develops from head to toe, inner to outer, simple to complex and general to specific. Child development can be classified on five different aspects like Social, Physical, Intellectual, Communicational and Emotional. Each aspect is important and all have impact on each other. To better explain the sequence and rate of each aspect of development, the development will be divided into age groups: ZERO TO SIX MONTHS BABY Physical Development: • From the birth each month we can see the changes in the weight of the baby and the growth of the body parts • It will be able to turn its head to sound and movement • Watch the parent’s face while feeding • Smile at familiar faces and voices • stretches to reach its feet while lying down • tries to reach for and grab objects • keeps things in its mouth independently. Social and emotional development: • A six month old baby will respond to their mother’s face, smile. • Needs comfort and cuddles from their parents. Language development: • A six month old baby will be able to make a variety of happy sounds. • will respond to music and singing • will mirror their parent’s movements and expressions. 6 TO 12 MONTHS BABY Physical development: • The toddler will have learnt to sit first with support, and then without. • will be able to roll over • he will begin to crawl or shuffle • he will be able to stand with support • he will raise his arms when he wants to be lifted • he will respond to his name • he will pass objects from hand to hand • Look for things that have been hidden and reach for food. Social and emotional development: • Baby will develop “Separation Anxiety” (some babies develop it earlier or
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