Infant & Toddlers Brain Development

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“Infant &toddlers Brain development” It is interesting to see how a human’s brain develops, epically from the time they are born till around three. This is when a baby is learning to adjust to their new world and learn things such motor skill, talk, walk, emotions, communication, social skills, leaning and more. While going through the different ages/months of a infant/toddlers brain, it was incredible to lean how in just short periods of months more and more skills are developed. The first stage from newborn to two months, they can already hear sounds (especially their mothers), turn their head and eyes to the person talking to them and can see movements from 9-12 inches. I liked the fact that it tells/ teaches you how to hold newborns, breastfeeding tip and strategies you can do with them at this stage. While going through the others stages, I noticed that each stage increases the skill they learned earlier and adds to new ones. For an example from 2 months to 6 months only movement was added but their previous skills have improved. From 6-12 months is when he or she is learning to have feelings and learn through repetition. Parents seem to start to be concern with their toddler’s development around 18-24 months. Not every toddler’s brain develops at the same rate depending on the child. It is told that their vocabulary should be around 50 words. If he or she have not yet reached 50 but is close and in increasing it then it should not be a problem. If there are any concerns a child should always be evaluated. If there is a problem in a child speech the sooner you find out the better it is. I completely agree. As a child it was noticeable that I had speech problems when it came to reading but was not told that I had a learning disability until I was in 7th grade. I was good that teachers and my parents noticed because I would go to a trailer for speech
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