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Discuss And Justify Care Needs At Life Stages M3, Essay

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  • on February 1, 2012
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Discuss and Justify Care Needs at Life Stages M3, D2

Throughout all life stages (“Maslow” Every individual has care needs). I am going to discuss and justify what care needs are required at the different life stages and how these needs are met e.g. Through infancy a baby needs their nappy changing where as they develop, they need support getting to the toilet.

There are a number of needs for infants, which they cant do themselves, but as they develop in to childhood they become less dependant on their parents. Infants are completely dependant on their parents to do most things for them physically such as wash, feed, change nappy, dress etc. As individuals develop into childhood they still need physical needs such as support going to the toilet, food cooked for them, clothes bought for them, but they physically manage to learn and do most physical things an infant cant.

Emotional needs required for a baby would be that they become distressed and need bonding from their parents; this is how they start to intellectually learn different use of emotions. When a toddler becomes emotional they still receive the attention they need from their carer, but the difference is the toddler is able to communicate and let their parents no why they are upset, angry etc.

Infant’s social development needs are met by new people throughout the family, this way they build bonds and relationships with close relatives. Where as a toddler is able to interact with other children their own age and they do this mostly when starting school. Some children and babies are unable to develop at the pace they should be because of other needs that need to be met such as having physical problems like e.g. disability, sensory impairment etc.

Intellectual needs for infants are met by their carer playing with them which helps with their learning, but most intellectual development starts when attending school. The main development that starts at this age is learning to...

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