The Adult Life Cycle Essay

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Every human on this planet can relate with each and every lifestyle. It’s a part of growing up and definitely should not be ignored. This “adult” cycle that I will discuss is ranged from the ages of twenty to forty years old. This stage is the half way point till one is in the mature adult cycle. During this cycle there are some very important facts to keep in mind: they include vitamins, minerals, and metabolism. Keeping up to speed with today’s newest information with nutrition is vital during this stage. These basic facts can keep an adult healthy through the twenty years and allow for a peaceful and healthy mature adult cycle, which is the goal right? During this stage I would suggest for any adult to stay away from fried foods and most fast food products. These products do nothing helpful for our bodies at any cycle of life. With all the additive ingredients in our fast food products it’s no wonder our nation is the highest for obesity. Sticking to the main food groups such as grain, veggies, fruits, dairy, meat, and even oils and some fats can lead to a healthy lifestyle with an abundance of energy and focus. Sound easy right? But in reality it is actually quite difficult to stay dedicated to a diet and a healthy life style. Like I stated earlier our fast food industry is ruining out food pyramid. Making healthy foods more expensive and harder to come by just doesn’t make sense in my eyes. It’s the unhealthy stuff that should be expensive such as a “Whooper” or a “Mc-double” compared to a healthy veggie. Staying dedicated to your diet will bring great joy. Now not all humans need the exact same nutritional value from foods per day but the main include calcium, vitamin E, vitamin b12, iron, and vitamin D. These nutrients should come all from your diet to keep you healthy. Controlling all portions sizes is the key and will lead to losing weight. “To lose

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