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HUMAN NUTRITION Edmond Griffin SCI/220 05/29/2011 HUMAN NUTRITION The dietary intake that we had recorded for the first day provided for a healthful diet. Good nutrition is very important to do. Good healthful diets enable people to work productively and feel their very best very day. All food dairy or journal of consumed food will always allow an individual to truly understand which food group that may provide a good healthy fat content as well as minerals and vitamins. This is what was analysis of the food intake from day 1 the Nutrition policy and promotion (Dietary Guidelines for Americans). This is a good way to obtain a portion of your vitamins needed every day. After going over my intake and analyzing the results I had. Then…show more content…
When we don’t consume the recommended number of servings from the needed food groups. Making sure that we always go over the labels and make sure it’s part of what I need daily, Then make any adjustments needed to my food intake will ensure the right amount of calories carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins and minerals are taken. I consumed the right amount of the daily serving for the food group in the pyramid. The two tools that we should us for figuring out what kinds of food to eat, then how much food of any particular type to eat. The food tools or guidance system for food groups that until 2005 had been symbolized by the basic food pyramid. That was replaced in 2011, and nutrition labels. This food guide is intended as a tool for us to eat more healthfully, giving us the means to measure our intake of many foods against what we should really be…show more content…
Refer to the food pyramid in iProfile to see how you fulfilled your goals for the various foods pyramid groups. If you did not eat a variety of food, how might you expand your field of choices? To insure that we always eat foods that are from each food groups every day. Compare your diet to that of the sample profile of Kelly Watson. Whose diet provides the best opportunity for health and well-being? Which profile provides the best philosophy of health? Provide a rationale for your answers. The human nutrition is the tool for humans to have and obtain the materials that is very necessary to have a good and healthy life. Humans have always been able to survive for two to eight weeks without food; this will some time depend on the stored body fat, on the other hand survival without water is limited to two to four days this also depends on the amount of hydration that takes place. The lack of the right food remains one of the most serious problems, around the world with around 35 million humans starving to death every year. Malnutrition in childhood is also one of the most common conditions today of diseases. The global distributions of food is not equal, and obesity among a lot of human in the United States populations has increased to almost epidemic proportions, this has lead to health complications and increased mortality in some developed, and a few developing

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