Teenage Drug Use

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Essay on Teenage Drug Use: Everybody knows bad things can happen to drug users. They become addicted. They can have serious or even fatal health problems. They can ruin their personal, social and professional lives. They may even end up in jail. But why do young people start taking drugs in the first place? What are the causes of drug use among young people? In today’s society, the common problem among teenagers is the use of drugs. Teenage years is probably one of the most challenging periods of life. It is a stage of identity versus confusion – knowing oneself compared to losing oneself. Belonging and being accepted in a group is very important and being "cool" as well. During these years of growing up, teenagers encounter their share of positive and negative experiences. Peer pressure, curiosity, and the availability of drugs are factors that some youthful and vulnerable teenagers have to deal with in their adolescent lives. One of the significant reasons of teenage drug use is peer pressure, particularly from the social influences among friends, acquaintances, school, and the community. Depending on the person’s experiences and choices, circumstances and consequences may vary. If a teenager’s social main group is using drugs, then there may be a strong pressure due to the fact that drugs are present and can easily be offered. Also, the person might get convinced to think that there is nothing wrong with trying drugs because “everybody else is doing it.” In the effect that teenagers will try drugs just to fit in the social norms, they might do it to impress their buddies to be considered "cool" as part of being in the group and gain acceptance by friends. Another reason is simple curiosity. Many teens have heard about drugs, and they are curious to experience them for themselves. They have heard that drugs can be fun, or make a person feel and act

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