Who Is Out Of Control In Shooting An Elephant By George Orwell

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Out of Control The teenage years are the most important and effective of the maturing process. The younger years of growing up are the most crucial years in building a foundation for the future adult hood. As children grow into adults the peers around them will have a major impact on the person they will one day become. In "Shooting an Elephant" Orwell describes an incident in which he feels forced to kill a rough elephant, this is similar to the pressure felt by teens to live the lives influenced by the ones around them. Since the early years of childhood, even back to elementary school we have all been faced with the decision…show more content…
Real friends will accept the way you are, and would never pressure you into a decision which you know is foolish. School systems are the central locations for negative peer pressure and many teens feel they have to change who they are just to "fit in". Fashion has become a major deciding factor in the appearance, and popularity of todays teenagers. Many feel if they dont get the latest nikes, or the coolest torn up jeans they will have trouble being accepted when around other peers. Schools have become more of a contest then a learning environment. One of the most increasing effects of peer pressure is drug use. Teens learn more at this age than any other time in their life. This is because at a younger age, there is that constant state or curiosity. Peers talk about their drug experiences as being "cool" and if you havent experinced it yourself many feel out side of the circle. Many teens who try drugs for the first time are pressured into it. A lot of the time the teen may have no intention of trying a drug but feel
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