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Engaging The Teens I believe that community is one of the most important aspects of life and how we live each day. I think communities are vital to society and without them there is no need for human life. I believe that the leaders of the communities should focus on engaging the adolescence as opposed to young children and older folks. There are many reasons why adolescents should be major targets in the community. It can be very hard to get them involved in the community, but the results can change their lives forever. There are people who disagree with this and say that teens are bad influences to smaller kids and that having them around will cause corruption. This can be true, but is not true of every teen. Dealing with the opposition to my particular topic makes me feel a lot more intrigued about really going out into the world and doing something about it. All teens should have a chance to be involved with others in a positive way, and without community groups going out and searching for them, its not going to happen. It is sad to me that people in control who have the opportunity to change lives of young people would rather let them go about their lives rather than coming around them and leading them in the right path.Teens need role models in their lives, and when adults disown them, then they feel worthless. Good role models set positive examples for teenagers and help counter negative influences they meet during teenage years. It is common for teenagers to view movie stars, sports figures, singers and TV actors as role models. While entertainment figures can serve as positive influences, teenagers gain greater influence from role models they can communicate and form relationships with. The relationships that teenagers experience will affect them in their future lives. These relationships could bring about happiness, sadness, or even depression.

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