Teen Privacy Essay

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Why does teens need privacy? A problem in today’s world consists of teens not having a sufficient amount or having an over abundant amount of privacy. What is enough privacy? The answer is simple, no one really knows. Some people say that privacy is a personal aspect. But others think it’s deciding for themselves their solidity(?); hopefully they make it a wise choiceasfor teen’s privacy(?).Some people think that teens should be able to have as much seclusion as they desire as long as their parents are included. [Citation needed] Teens are enclosed in their own world that generally consists of themselves and their close friends(?). Although itRef?may seem cruel and selfish, itsRef?natural, teens are not responsible for anyone but themselves. [Citation needed] With teens caught up in their fantasies of reality, they have a hard time including parents in their lives and demand privacy to be independent. [Citation needed] Parents are sometimes weak and allow teens to play with their minds. Teens can be often tricky by telling the parents that they can trust them and they can be responsible in the result of getting their privacy. [Citation needed] Once that privilege is given, the child you knew before is not the same and once the privilege of privacy is given, it’s hard to take back because they’veRef?already lost control of their kids. [Citation needed] Teens should not have the right to privacy because of the danger of internet, drugs, alcohol, and also teenage pregnancy. To start with, the internet can play a dangerous role in teens’ lives. When a teen is given too much privacy, they tend to make plenty of mistakes involving the internet. [Citation needed] Usually(?), teenagers always(?) have a computer, laptop, or some type of electronic device inside their room which gives them full access ofto the internet. Teens that have trouble connecting face to face may

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