Dont Put Kids in Jail

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Hello a judicator, opposition team and audience. My name is Jasmine Elakkoumi and today I am on the second speaker for the affirmative team. First of all jail is not a good place for kids to grow up. The ages of 10- 18 are formative years for children and teenagers. Those years are essential for both personal and social development. If children are excluded from society and put into correctional facilities they are missing out on this important development opportunity. Children need to be around their families, their peers, their sports coaches, teachers and other positive influences. By surrounding them with other troubled youth is reinforcing negative behaviour because it became the norm. Furthermore, excluding young offenders from society is denying them the opportunity to meet positive role models and mentors. . With other trouble people is simply perpetrating the problem it is teaching them bad behaviour and excluding them from all of the positives influences they would experience in normal society they need to be able to experience different things and develop positive goals because if they have a sense of purpose they will become better people in the future. Second of all only 14% juvenile offenders are in detention and the rest of juvenile offenders are supervised in the community. So if 86% of the offenders are being supervised why the rest of the 14% can’t also be supervised. Not only that but also it is very expensive for people to go to jail. Studies have shown that it’s very expensive for someone to go to jail. It costs 80,000 for tax payers to put people in jail. With this money the government can use the money for other things such as schools or for needy people.

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