Teens And The Challenges Life Brings

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As most of us know, life in general is full of challenges that we as adults must face everyday. This is no different for teenagers and especially “at-risk” teenagers. At-risk teenagers are teens who are not capable of functioning normally in society due to the circumstances that surround them. “A Variety of Factors Put Teens at Risk” by Laura K. Egendorf and Jennifer A. Hurley discusses the problems at-risk teens have today due to pregnancy, alcohol, and single-parent families, and concludes that the way to address such problems is through school and community based programs. In “Job Training Can Help Teenagers” by Carol Wekesser, she discusses placing and training teens in jobs to help deter the problems associated with at-risk teen issues like pregnancy and alcohol abuse. These are only two theories recommended for helping equip teens to face their future challenges. There are many more theories out there, some good, some bad. This is a topic that can bring up an array of uncertainties or ambiguities including interpreting the “best” way to equip teens and exactly what is considered to be a “challenge”. When considering the “best” way to equip teens, the first problem arises because it is important to keep in mind that what one individual view’s as the best way, another might view as the worst way. First, supplying teens with strategies to succeed in life are of utmost importance. The best way to do this is for a professional to be able to pinpoint a troubled teen and then lend them the resources that will guide them in the right direction. For educators it is paramount that researching an at-risk teen’s file will help make sound decisions on what are the best tactics to steer and guide the student in the appropriate direction. The second problematic aspect is taking into account exactly what “challenges” with which teens are faced. This is something that

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