Making Good Choices

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Making Good Choices Is making good choices important in life? It is as much as important as you make it. You make choices everyday in your life and one way or another they will determine the outcome of your future or consequences. Everyone has made good choices but also has made bad choices. Some that they are not very proud of or regret and some that they will be happy they choose to do. No matter what you do or how old you are, in the end life is all about making choices. Making choices starts from when you wake up and lasts until you go to sleep. When you open your eyes you have the choices to stay in bed five more minutes or to get up and get ready to start your day. Next choices might be what do you what to wear for today, are you having breakfast, are you going to school/work, will you try your best to make others proud. We face a thousand choices daily and nothing can stop that we just have the power of making the best of it and choosing the best choice. In my personal opinion, I believe that everything happens for a reason. Every good thing and every bad thing we do is just another lesson in life or obstacle we have to overcome. We have to learn from our mistake, do better and make sure it does not happen to us ever again. Making a bad or wrong choice has a solution of going through depression or regret later on in life. Especially, if you are a crazy, reckless and careless teen that is just worried about being popular, partying, and wasting a perfectly good life. Us, teens have been told that we are the future of this country and that our daily actions and choices can help us or destroy us in many ways. I tend to notice a lot about people’s life and I see their struggles with everything they choose to do without thinking it through. Whether if they are doing drug, having sex, disobeying the law. I just never thought I would be the one in that
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