A Sociological Issue: The Big Gang Theory

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A Sociological Issue: The Big Gang Theory The concept of a gang can mean just a group of people that you like to spend time with. In America, though, the term gang has become much more than that. The term gang now speaks of something that puts fear in people because of the crime and other problems that they bring to our culture. There are a variety of large and small gangs in our country and for the most part they do not represent anything good. There is much more to a gang then just a group of delinquents as they are so often perceived. The first thing is to discuss what makes a gang and then take a look at how each sociological perspective would evaluate gangs. Identifying a Gang A gang is a group of individuals that identify themselves…show more content…
14). The initial reaction to this would be to say that gangs are awful and have no place in society and we should do away with them. This is probably true to an extent but what about the idea behind gangs. It gives youth a sense of purpose in a world that makes them feel like they don’t belong. Of course there could be more structure which would cause gangs to be less damaging to our culture but the original idea behind it is a good one. We have things like Boys and Girls Club or after school programs to keep children busy and out of trouble, but those seem to be for youth whose parents and families are involved in their lives and play an active role in the decisions they make. Other children don’t have that starting at a very young age so they become independent and think they can do things on their own. That is the idea behind a gang. It is a group of individuals that want to find their place but have no direction to guide them. In the end though, a functionalist would view a gang as a dysfunction because it does not really provide anything positive to a society and only brings harm and instability due to its unorganized and violent nature (Schaefer, 2011, pg.…show more content…
Although most gangs are viewed as a kind of plague to society, some of them don’t see themselves that way. There are many that actually try and give back to their community in positive way but the problem is that the bad outweighs the good in everyone else’s mind. There is a large lack of social skills with gang members because they don’t know how to interact with people outside of their gang and get a positive reaction. Most people outside of their gang are not going to understand why they act the way they act, or do the things they do so there is going to be a communication barrier there. If the members of gangs were more understood in society then they probably wouldn’t be in one to begin with. Conclusion Each sociological perspective provides a view of a gang that most people probably haven’t analyzed before. They show how easy it is to judge, yet when you step back you can see where they are coming from and what they are trying to achieve, even if it may not be in the most positive or productive way. Every piece of our culture has a rhyme or reason, they just need to be broken down and

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