Eng 102 Introductions and Conclusions

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The Growing Problem with Drug Abuse in Teenagers within the United States Introduction Within today’s society, there is a growing trend among teenagers. This growing trend is to try a variety of drugs and this leads to drug abuse. Once exposed and to use specific drugs, teens tend to like the effect and go back to experiment further. Most of the people who begin experimenting with the drugs are a victim of peer pressure. Unfortunately it seems there is more our society can do to help prevent this trend. Drugs are a growing problem with teenagers in our society because parents and the community do not provide enough drug education. Conclusion This trend is in a spiral whirlwind out of control within our youth in society. There are so many educational plans and information to educate the students, parents, school administrators and society as a whole. With the danger explained in detail to teenagers and also teaching how to stand up to peer pressure, this will provide extra assurance and confidence within the teenagers to stand up for their belief in not participating in drugs. Why is it important to be sure they are educated and learn how to stand on the firm belief to say no to drugs? This is very important because the growing trend is becoming out of control with various parties which peer pressure and voluntary experiments are conducted. This education and parental participation can prepare the youth of today what to expect and the negative impacts drug have within their lives. This is so important to assist them to make proper and educated decisions regarding their

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