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Analyze the Conflicts Peer Pressure and Substance Use and Abuse Has on Adolescence. Essay

  • Submitted by: stacielynn71
  • on November 19, 2012
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Below is an essay on "Analyze the Conflicts Peer Pressure and Substance Use and Abuse Has on Adolescence." from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Analyze the conflicts peer pressure and substance use and abuse has on adolescence.

Peer pressure can certainly lead to substance use and even abuse, but do these things have an effect on adolescent children, and if so, how?
Young adults spend more waking hours with their peers than with anyone else, so the likeliness that they are going to be faced with the conflict of trying drugs and or alcohol is likely unavoidable.   Peer influences have been found to be among the strongest predictors of drug use during adolescence (umich.edu).   The family dynamic may also have bearing on the level of influence that peers have on a child to decide to dabble in substances, such as if the child is in a single parent home, if the parents or parent use drugs and alcohol themselves, the availability of the drugs, and the neighborhood that the child lives.   Some studies have shown that the stronger the family dynamic, the less likely that the adolescent is to succumb to the pressure to become involved in drugs and alcohol, also family’s that consisted of a father or step father, showed less of a give- in factor to peer pressure to use substances as well (umich.edu).  
Adolescents are at the stage in life where the internal battle of fitting in with their peers, and pleasing their parents has arisen, and parents, at this stage and age, spend less time with the child, so have less of a direct influence on their child, so to keep the child on the right path, certain precautions when taken, may help. Children are going to be faced with the ridicule and rejection that comes with making the right choices and not choosing to do the wrong thing for the sake of being in the “cool” crowd and or fitting in. Nurturing children, and building a strong self-esteem and sense of self-worth makes the child stronger and more confident in themselves, and able to stand by their beliefs.   Having consistent rules and guidelines in place and following these guidelines is also helpful, as when young...

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