Why Teens Do Drugs

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Taking drugs is becoming more and more common for teens today. Many teens try drugs for a lot of different reasons. Teens do drugs to fit in, relive stress and to feed their curiosity. Teens today often do drugs to fit in. Teens today will do almost anything to fit in or be cool. Peer pressure is a huge part of teens doing drugs. Teens think it is cool to rebel against authority. If a certain crowd is doing something illegal others will follow to try to fit in. Even if a teen has never considered doing drugs they might do it just to fit in with their friends. Music and television may also encourage teens to do drugs today. Many songs and shows give the impression that drugs are fun and considered cool. Other teens do drugs to relive stress. Teens who are depressed are more susceptible to using drugs. A teen who is depressed might turn to drugs to try to solve their problems because they don’t know what else to turn to. A teen with family or relationship problems is more susceptible to drugs because they want something to get their mind off of their problems. Another reason why teens do drugs today is because they are curious. When other teens are talking about drugs it makes others want to try it. Teens are curious and like to experiment; sometimes they just want something to talk about. They often hear about them during school, on television, or in music. Teens are more susceptible to drugs today whether they are depressed, encouraged or just

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