Teenage Heroin Abuse Thesis

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TEENAGE HEROIN ABUSE Teenage Heroin Abuse Looking at Underlying Causes Introduction When developing a research question, it is important to make sure the topic being studied is feasible, socially important, and scientifically important. Without these three components, a research question cannot be pursued. The topic that is going to be looked at in this paper is heroin abuse among teenagers. In the last ten years, heroin abuse has become increasingly popular among the teenage population. But, why? The importance of studying this topic is to figure out why teens are choosing to dangerously use heroin, and hopefully put a stop to it. Discussion of Research Question Heroin abuse among teenagers is a very broad topic. That is why it is important to focus on one general aspect related to the topic. The research question that is going to be studied is; “What family characteristics correlate with heroin abuse among teenagers?” The primary variable identified is family characteristics. This study will incorporate the findings of researching male and female teenagers, ages 13-19, which have used, abused, and depended on heroin throughout their everyday lives. However, there may be other…show more content…
This experiment on studying how family characteristics correlate with teenage heroin abuse is scientifically relevant. Some researchers say the underlying cause of teenage heroin abuse is first and foremost the family, while other researchers say that abuse is cause by psychological factors and a low educational drive. All of these theorists would disagree on which one of these factors is the main cause of teenage heroin abuse. Since there is a discrepancy, this research question was developed in order to find what the main cause of teenage heroin abuse is. When finding an answer to the research question, it will put a stop to the inconsistency of previous

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