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Medicine Abuse Prescription drug abuse is on the rise. The reason for this being that some people think they are safer and less addictive than street drugs. Teenagers see their parents taking prescribed medications and think that it is more accessible and less dangerous. In reality prescribed medicine is only safe for the person the doctor prescribes it to. Certain people need a certain dose of the medicine prescribed so they don’t overdose or to be sure that they are getting enough of the medicine that they need. Some individuals don’t think that taking these medications that aren’t prescribed to them isn’t wrong because it is prescribed to someone that they are related to or that they may know. Taking drugs without a prescription or sharing…show more content…
They think that this is okay because they have a prescription. A family member of mine takes medicine to go to sleep at night. It is really only supposed to be used for anxiety attacks. I believe this individual is at risk of getting hurt. They tell me that they are becoming addicted to this medication and that they need it every night to fall asleep. There are certain signs of prescription drug abuse in an individual. They can do badly in their field of work, at school and most likely have issues at home. Some people even lose their children to the system. They take certain risks like having unprotected intercourse, driving under the influence or using other people’s medication. Some people get into trouble with the law enforcement. A lot of people will steal for their drug supply. If anyone has prescription medications missing this is a good sign that someone around you is stealing them. Drug abusers will lose their close family and friends due to abusing drugs. There are many warning signs of drug use and abuse in teenagers. The challenge for parents is to distinguish between the normal, sometimes volatile, ups and downs of the teen years and the red flags of substance abuse. They will start being secretive about friends, possessions, and activities. They’ll have a new interest in clothing, music, and other items that highlight drug use. Abusers will start demanding more privacy; locking doors; avoiding eye contact;…show more content…
They will have withdrawal symptoms such as sweating, shaking, insomnia, depression, nausea, restlessness and anxiety. Some people don’t even want to do the drug anymore but they have to have it because they will get sick. It will hurt them even with their knowledge and they will lose interest in everything they loved doing before becoming an addict. There are also physical signs of prescription drug abuse. They will have a sudden weight loss or weight gain, slurred speech, bloodshot eyes, bigger and smaller pupils, a change in appetite and sleep patterns and impaired coordination. Their behavior will change and they will start going into debt and having financial problems. Drug abusers will have a change in friends and get into more trouble. Prescription drug abusers will also have a psychological list of signs. Their personality will change as well as their attitude. They will have mood swings and angry outbursts. People will space out and have a lack in their motivation to get anything done or to do anything that they used to do. They get fearful and fill up with anxiety for no apparent

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