Negatives of Recreational Drugs Essay

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Chad Spaeth American Government April 16, 2013 No to Recreational Drugs Since the beginning of time we have records of shaman and medicine men; great healers who used prayer and the magic of herbal remedies to cure ailing tribesmen. Today, the pharmisudical industry is much more sophisticated and complex. And with all of the technological advances come new products, new uses and new rules surrounding the science that is medicine. Sadly, the medications and drugs that exist today are abused or even made for the wrong reasons. Recreational drug use has increased over the years as more drugs are created and distributed. These drugs can be habit forming and can cause severe damage if abused, and may result in loss of life or bodily functions if used in large quantities over time. The side effects of these substances range from gastrointestinal problems to psychological and muscular damage as well as damage to the vital organs (Femail 1). Although some states allow some recreational drug use, the masses do not believe in the use of recreational drugs and society frowns upon users. Drugs used in a way that is not medicinal can be deadly and have shown to be too large a temptation globally, and have been the source of many historic events. Recreational drug use should be monitored and individuals should be charged when felonies, like selling or owning recreational drugs, are committed. It is not wise to allow recreational drug use and these practices must be regulated and controlled to the best of the government’s ability in order to keep our cities safe and our population healthy. Recreational drugs include, but aren’t limited to, marijuana, cocaine, opioids, prescription pills, heroin, and more recently “bath salts”. These substances can cause serious damage to the central nervous system, internal organs and, most importantly, effect ones brain.

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