Divorce Wars: The Romance Of Trouble

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Divorce “ Teenagers in Trouble” Stress is basically defined as an applied force to strain a body; a mentally or emotionally upsetting condition occurring in response to adverse external influences and capable of affecting physical health. Teenagers now days have had a lot of stress because of a lot of different reasons. However, the main things in my opinion that cause stress for teenagers are peer pressure and more importantly family problems(for example: divorce). Such stresses put teenagers in problems where they make life decisions that can be very risky. Many books were interesting regarding child stress but particularly “The Romance of Risk” by Dr. proton was very amazing. The romance of risk is a perfect book for parents concerned about their children’s well-being in this age of abuse. Proton tell us about the ideas that risk-taking is primarily an angry power struggle with parents and teenage. Challenge and risk are the primary steps use to find out about your child that who they are and determine who they will become. In the chapter “Divorce Wars: The Buddy Dilemma”, Dr. Proton explains how teenagers struggle during the difference between their parents and as a results end up making choices such as drugs, alcoholism,…show more content…
Kids without parents suffer the most, there is no mutual agreement for what's best for the child. The mother would like to have things her way and the father his. They can't combine the sight of each other, even if it means sake of their child. This makes very hard for the child and for the school and for other facilities that has to accommodate for both parents separately. For example “in parent teacher conferences there are two copies of report cards, two of everything because the parents can't agree to share.” This is very sad. The child seems to be handling it well, but there is some problems, some shyness in order of other children and the child doesn't seem to be performing at full interest in physically or mentally
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