How Does The Drinking Age Affect Teenagers

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Drinking +21, Teenagers –Dignity Back in the 1920's and 1930's it was called the Prohibition Era. This is the time when there was going to be no alcohol being sold or drank. This ended up not working. Today people are trying to prohibit the teenagers from drinking under the age of 21, but this is not working just like it didn’t back in the day. I am a teenage girl so I know what it's like in high school with the alcohol problems. I picked this topic because of this exact reason. I know how alcohol affects some people in a good way and a bad way, I know what can happen legally in some cases and I know the consequences of being caught with alcohol under the age of 21. The big question I am looking for while doing this paper is: How does the legal drinking age effect teenager? I would like to find out what happens to your body when you drink why teens drink out of hand sometimes and how the government is trying to prevent the underage drinking problems.…show more content…
The legal drinking age in the United States is 21 years old. That means anyone younger then this is breaking the law and a lot of bad things can happen to them. One bad thing that can happen to them is getting caught with the liquor and having to deal with the police. There are four underage drinking laws that the cops follow: possession, purchase, use and lose and zero tolerance (“Underage Drinking” 1). Each one of these laws can make someone go to jail and pay a huge fine. The zero tolerance law has to deal with the alcohol content (“Underage Drinking” 2). A person can lose your license, pay many fines and even serve jail time (“Underage Drinking” 2). When you purchase alcohol under the age that means there is probably a fake ID involved. This is considered fraud. A person can go to jail for many years with this behind their name. The laws are very strict with the drinking age and can ruin his or her

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