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“Annotated Outline” Reducing Drug Usage and Abuse Against Teenager and Young Adults Shaniquah Garvin HS5020 Research: A Tool for Forensic Practitioners Abstract Reducing drug usage and abuse against teenagers and young adults is a great topic among the forensic toxicology field because as the society replays the pop culture life they all interact with different drug usages. This topic on reducing drug usage and abuse against teenagers and young adults are very interest topic to me because in my society we are losing a lot of our young people because of drug usages and the way they abuse them. The illicit use of drugs, including alcohol, by teenagers has been extensively studied and documented. It is not uncommon for teenagers to be involved in illicit drug use before exhibiting signs and symptoms of drug use. Unsuspecting parents may be unaware of drug use in their children. I’m trying to find out ways to help reduce usage and abuse against teenagers and young adult to help better the younger generation and make them a strong minded human being. Reducing this can benefit the society in major ways because most of the younger adults who drop out of school are related to illicit drug usages and abuse. I. “Young people and drugs abuse”. Abudu, V. (July 23, 2008). Young people and drugs abuse in Africa, Abuja, Nigeria. Abudu provides a broad overview of drugs and alcohol abuse in the younger society. Drug abuse by young people is a problem in many countries around the world. In the African country of Nigeria, things are no different. There, many young people indulge in drugs like marijuana or cocaine. These drugs, and the addiction they can cause, have several negative sociological impacts. II. Individual Differences as Predictors of Illicit drug use among Turkish College Students. Ayvasik, H Belgin; Sumer, H Canan. (Nov/Dec 2010). Individual

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