Teen Violance Essay

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Teen Violence Teen violence is an increasing thing in our world. There are many reasons why this happens; for example to prove how tough you are, gangs, living in a bad area, race, the media, and students retaliating because of bullying. Each reason may play a different role in a teen’s life. Teen violence will always be a part of regular teen life because of the people we have to look up to and the situations we put ourselves in. I went to school in Brooklyn at Automotive High School. In my school there was a lot of violence because of gangs, race, and to prove how tough you thought you were. What I noticed about a lot of the students who I went to school with is we all live in the same type of place the “hood” as we called it, and were we lived there was a lot of violence and gangs which spilled over into school life. People in my school got into fights most times because of words that you shouldn’t say to another person, but did anyway to prove a point, and that point was “I’m tougher than you”. This would cause a lot of unnecessary violence over things that could have simply been avoided by being a bigger person, but in today’s world, being a bigger person is viewed as being scared or a coward. Some of the reasons I turned to violence instead of being a bigger person was because I didn’t want to be looked at as a coward so that other students wouldn’t try and pick on me. If anyone in school ever got in my face we either had to fight or I would intimidate them so other people would know not to do so. From a young age, I learned that I was supposed to be tough and if somebody messed with me, I made sure they never did again. In the city race plays a big role in teen violence. A race will always stick together because these are the other people they identify with and if someone messes with them then you mess with a whole group of them. I’ve learned that a
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