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Explain whether ethnicity influences courtroom proceedings and judicial practices In today’s society, ethnicity does have an effect on courtroom proceedings and judicial practices according to research done by The Sentencing Project. It also has an effect on different places we live. Poverty stricken areas are more likely to experience much more crime than a place that has maintained wealth and fruitful employment. Issues of both race and class have an impact on the likelihood of involvement with the criminal justice system and treatment within the system ("Reducing Racial Disparity in the Criminal Justice System", 2000). There will always be racial tension within the court system as long as society keeps it in existence. One way to stop this is by educating our police, and any other person involved in the criminal justice career. So many times a person is judged because of the race or ethnicity they belong to. An example of this would be 9/11. Islamic people were looked at as terrorists by many people because of the attacks that happened that day. We are more afraid of what we do not understand, but stubborn to educate ourselves when it comes to difference. As a professional in the criminal justice field, one must always act professional and fair. This can all be corrected by training, supervision, and daily interaction between people of different ethnicity. We all have a tendency to stereotype a person because they are different a different color, come from a different area, and because they may believe in different practices than we do. Education is the first step in correcting this problem. Reference: Reducing racial disparity in the criminal justice system. (2000). Retrieved from

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