Police Brutality Essay

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October 27, 2010 Speech1 Title: Police Brutality General Purpose: To persuade Specific Purpose: Persuade the audience to sign a letter against police brutality l. Introduction A. (Attention Getter) who in here wants to feel like their life is equivalent to an animal? Well when many people are a victim of police brutality they feel helpless and like they have no rights. B. (Reason to Listen) In order for my audience to be aware of police brutality and how they could help prevent it from happening to them. C. (Speaker Credibility) as a witness and victim of police brutality, I think I can educate and persuade my audience to sign a letter preventing this abuse of authority. D. (Thesis) Today I am going to tell you about police brutality and use some examples by using real cases E. (Preview) First I will tell about Americans threatened safety, secondly I will tell of some solutions to the problem, and some current penalties/ problems with police brutality. ll. BODY A. MP1- Our safety is threatened, the very people (police) that we pay to keep safe are the ones hurting us The public’s safety is threatened as shown in the Oscar Grant and Sean Bell cases 1. The Sean Bell shooting took place in New York City in November 2006 3 men were shot a total of fifty times by team of plain clothed and undercover officers killing one of the men being Sean Bell and severely injuring his two friends According to one of the undercover officer known as Gescard Insnora he overheard Bell and his friends talking about retrieving a firearm from the car so he followed and revealed his badge. Sean Bell accelerated and hit Insnora and over 50 shots was fired into the vehicle Sean Bell was reported as being legally intoxicated 2. Oscar Grant an Oakland citizen was gunned down by a police officer, he was fully cooperating with authorities Grant

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