Gang Violence In The Outsiders

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Cassandra Reeser Block 1 3/24/11 “Gang Violence” For the last few weeks I have been reading The Outsiders. The novel begins by showing the differences between the poor Greasers and the rich Socs’. When the Socs’ jump Ponyboy in chapter one it shows that Ponyboy lives in a place where even an innocent walk is dangerous. In the middle of the novel the Greasers kill a Soc named Bob. This leads Johnny and Ponyboy to run away. While they were on the run they saved a few children that were in a burning church. In the process of saving the children Johnny and Dally get injured and have to go to the hospital. At the end of the book there is a rumble which is otherwise known as a huge fight. Both the Greasers and the…show more content…
Gang violence is pretty much defined as the rivalry between different groups of people. Before I started researching gang violence I knew that there are gangs everywhere and almost all of them are very violent. When your in a gang it’s pretty much your family. You have to do anything for them. I also knew that gangs appeal to young people because there’s a lot of power that you get. Almost all the people that join gangs have no idea what they are getting themselves into. Before my group and I started our research about gang violence we had a few questions. Some of our questions were- why do people join gangs, what do they offer, what do they do, and how do they get into the gang? While we were researching we found almost all of the answers that we needed. To find our answers we used three different articles. When we were doing our research we found many different answers as to why people join gangs. Out of all the answers that we got I think that the best one was that people join gangs because it provides immediate promise of belonging to something. Almost everyone wants to feel loved and feel cared for and when you join a gang people care for you and make you feel loved its pretty much your family. Another reason why people join gangs is because kids as young ass 5 and 6 are being handed great wads of money- to young kids and teens the money is practically irresistible. What a lot of the research showed is that a lot of kids are bribed by
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