Technical Skills Essay

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Running head: TECHNICAL SKILLS Technical Skills in Management Thomas DeVito Liberty University 201320 Spring 2013 BUSI 310-B19 LUO Abstract Managerial skills are necessary to be and effective manager. Managers need to develop conceptual, human, and technical skills during different levels in their management careers. Conceptual skills allow managers to think big picture and deal with multiple parts of the organization. Human skills involve the ability to work with other people and technical skills are the knowledge of and proficiency in completing tasks and procedures. Each skill is essential for different reasons but are all important at all levels of management. With the rapid growth of technology, technical skills are quickly becoming more and more important at every level of management. What are Managerial Skills? Management is not a simple task and requires both knowledge and experience. Once an employee becomes a manager, they quickly realize the frustrations that come in dealing with all the managerial problems. As the world economy continues to grow and the demand for global business increases, organizations must become more multifaceted and competitive. With the constant need for change and adaptation in business, managers are finding it more and more difficult to adjust. In order to survive in a very competitive industry and keep up with the constant change in business, managers use a set of managerial skills to maintain day to day operations. This set of three managerial skills was developed by researcher Robert Katz in 1970 as a theory that managers, through experience and education, obtain a certain set of skills that will help them manage both people and technology to safeguard an effective and well-organized understanding of their working responsibilities. Managerial skills are broken down into
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