Tanglewood's Staffing Case

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Tanglewood Case 1. According to the Tanglewood’s staffing data we know future HR requirements the numbers of employees that the organization will need in the future to produce its goods and services. Based on the data, we can estimate they need 8500 store associate, 1200 individuals to work as shift leaders, 850 individuals as department manager, 150 individuals as Assistant store manager, 50 individuals as store manager for the coming years. There are two parts that the company will concern about; one is internal workforce, other one is external workforce. The numbers of current employees will be available in the future, but the company is concerned with the exit of employees from the organization. Tanglewood used internal promotions…show more content…
The organization should follow company’s strong culture and consider retaining the talent employees to accomplish its business plan. But, Tanglewood relied on its experienced employees as a major source of talent. As I said before, suppose the company promotes internal employees, there must have many gaps in the organization. So, how to find new employees let them become skill employees are the big issues. 2. If the Tanglewood redesigns its overall staffing strategy, the first thing they should know from internal staffing gaps. Based on the data, we can estimate the shortage of employees. A forecast shortage of 4505 employees as store associates;they will be transformed into a staffing objective of 4505 accessions to be achieved by the end of the forecasting time interval. On the other hand, in external staffing objectives, Tanglewood stores should conduct job analysis and available formal job specifications that it can use to guide it in establishing qualitative objectives. In addition, the company can utilize current employees, acquiring additional employees by their friends to fill into gaps; also the company can recall former employees or transfer employees from other departments. Although this is not long-term benefits for the Tanglewood, it can be helpful in seasonal hiring for store…show more content…
As I analyzed before, 4505 employees will promote by the internal staffing policy. So, the company should concern about how to hire more employees to figure it out that gaps. Although the environment for staffing managerial employees at Tanglewood is fairly complex, it must rethink about lower-level employees. That means the company improves employee’s pay or gives them more benefits so that let employees willing work at Tanglewood. If store associate gaps maintain in a lower number, Tanglewood could manage its business stable and keep growing profits year by

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