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1. What strategies you might employ to encourage pupil to behave appropriately? A teacher assistant should encourage good behaviour at all times to minimize the chances to deal with misbehaviour as it arises. As a teaching assistant I would state the expectation at the beginning and model them for students which helps pupil to behave appropriately. Pupil respond to set goals and expectations better if they have been set out and explained to them clearly. A teaching assistant should always be consistent about the strategies they want to employ to promote good behaviour. Shifting to one rule to another would confuse the students and may show your lack of decisiveness and would have and opposite effect on students. I would keep the rules simple and to minimum, as too many rules and complexity make it difficult for children to remember and follow them. Once rules have been set, I would be consistent to lead the effectively. Being proactive can help to keep children grounded and avoids disruption. A teaching assistant should always think ahead and imagine any classroom challenges and strategies in advance, for anything that could prevent the children from working well. Having clear-cut rules and boundaries is essential to help minimize the chances of any kind of disruption and misbehaviour. Encouragement plays a vital role in helping, boosting children to behave appropriately and keeps them motivated. They feel involved in the lesson and welcomed in the class. You can achieve the positive response by encouraging pupil who are struggling with the lesson. Encouragement helps pupil identify their strengths which can help them build up self esteem. I would encourage the children to follow the instructions given for the lesson and rewarding them for their good behaviour as well as sanctions, if needed. To minimise the chances of bad behaviour or classroom disruption, I

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