Task A. Nvq Level 2 Health and Social Care Diploma

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TASK A. Ai. - Ensure enquiries are giving out to the appropriate persons. - Respecting client information and honouring work commitments. Aii. - Whistle blower in any case of harm and abuse. - Respecting the individual rights of others at all times. Aiii. - Risk assessment should be made in the work area. - Protect yourself and clients from harm and abuse. Aiv. - Continual search for knowledge and confidence. - Personal reflection on own work to observe development. Av. - Monitor hazard, health and safety risks while working, ensuring clients are kept safe at all times. - Check that people who are present have a right to be there. Avi. Personal Development Planning. This helps someone to reflect of their learning, performance and achievements on a job, helping them to better themselves and achieve personal educational and career development leading to more competence, effectiveness and safe practise. Avii. Your manager and senior staff might be involved in providing information and feedback for a personal development plan. Even the residents and their relatives could be involved. Aviii. You might be supported with your learning and development because you will have a clear plan to work will and will help you to find out what training you may need. Your colleagues may also be able to help you with any learning needs you may have if you tell them about your PDP. Aix. You will gain a better understanding of how you learn and how to improve your performance. You will gain greater confidence in the skills you have in your job role. You may be able to discuss your skills and qualities with your employer, and can ask them about training or opportunities that you wish to take up with more

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