Nvq Level 3

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1.1 UNDERSTAND THE PURPOSE AND BENEFITS OF RESPECTING AND SUPORTING OTHER PEOPLE AT WORK. Through respecting and supporting other colleagues, it will benefit both yourself and work colleagues. For instance, it will allow both parties to learn, improve and progress further with their understanding of the position. Working in a team environment means that you have the opportunity to get involved and contribute to those around you, thus improving the standard of work produced. This will be due to the learning involved from working with others. By working a part of a team, it is important to ensure that you are focusing on all of the objectives given to you and ensure they are completed efficiently and effectively. When working in a team, supporting each other will be vital in helping the improvement of skills and ways of going about tasks. This will help with meeting deadlines as it will ensure all tasks are completed correctly, thus completing aims and objectives as a team. Furthermore, through supporting each other, it means that workloads will become easier to manage and will ensure everyone is confident with what they are doing. If they are not, it will make it easier for colleagues to approach others for the help they need. This will overall mean people do not feel under pressure due to the conditions of the office as they will be confident in working as part of a respectful team. 1.2 EXPLAIN THE PURPOSE OF HELPING OTHER PEOPLE AT WORK EFFECTIVLY AND EFFICIENTLY FOR (A) INDIVIDUALS (B) THE ORGANISATION. A. The purpose of helping an individual at work is important as this improves relationships between colleagues. This will create a good working environment where you can complete tasks to high standard effectively and efficiently. It is important to support colleagues with their work as their work could in the long run affect your workload
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