Mandatory Volunteering Essay

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Mandatory Volunteering "We make a living by what we do, but we make a life by what we give" by Winston Churchill. The college is starting a new mandatory volunteering program. Volunteering is renowned for skill development, socialization, and fun. Mandatory volunteering can change the student’s thoughts and personality. Also, when the students volunteer, they can see the lives of the poor people. Even though many people think that mandatory volunteering might be dangerous, we must do something good because it is a good idea to constructive way to spend time, and it is a community service. Mandatory volunteering it is a constructive way to spend time. It gets many students out of houses, off computer, away from television, and into the real world where not only they are helping others, but they are also learning new things. In addition mandatory volunteering is keeping teenagers away from the bad path such as drugs and smoking. It makes up people sleep less hours and helps them manage their time. Mandatory volunteering it is a constructive way because it helps people to spend time in good way and fulfilled. In spite of the fact that mandatory volunteering it is personal choice, it is a community service. It improves relationships among people. Mandatory volunteering makes other thrilled and self satisfied. In addition, it makes you building your community and responsibility from the ground up. And You will see the changes that you'll get them , you have to helps your community. After spending time serving the community, you recognize that you like this work and you want to do that more and more. Mandatory volunteering is effective because it is a community service, and challenges you. To sum up, mandatory volunteering it is effective way because it is good idea and also it is required to help people. Volunteering is intended to promote good
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