Strengths Reflection Paper

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After taking the StrengthsQuest my results basically said I am a “people person.” My five strengths are adaptability, communication, positivity, strategic, and woo. I truly believe these strengths fit me. I have no problem being thrown into situations and being able to think on the spot. I feel comfortable meeting new people and carrying on conversations with them. One time in particular I demonstrated my strength of adaptability would be when I moved to Memphis to attend Baptist. I live not too far from Memphis but I am still not very familiar with the Memphis area. Move in day was actually the first time I have ever driven in Memphis, but I am making it fine. I just go day by day and learn as much about the area as I can when I have the chance. In the future I would like to become a nurse in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. My strengths can help me in many ways with this job. Working in an intensive care unit you will always need to be able to think on your feet, but also keep a positive attitude. Also in that area, like any medical field area, you always have to deal with tons of people, so having good communication kills will make you very successful. In my personal life my strengths will help me tremendously. Adaptability could help me in future jobs or relationships. Communication and woo will help to have better relations with people who enter my life and to keep them there. I also like to always think positive. Thinking in positive ways not only makes me feel better about situations, but I know it also helps other people dealing with the situation too. So if people ever need help with something I might be the person they will like to come too. All in all I am glad I took the survey and got this little outlook on my strengths. I do believe they fit me and I will use them to better prepare for my
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