Benefits Of Volunteering

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The Benefits of Volunteering Amanda Thayer February 1, 2012 A volunteer is someone who willingly offers to take part in an endeavor or to commit oneself to doing a task. There is many ways that people could volunteer. A person could volunteer to help tutor other students who are in need of help. Another way that someone could volunteer is by taking part in planning and setting up events for an organization for no monetary gain. Most people think that volunteering has no benefits for the people that volunteer. Volunteering can actually be extremely beneficial. Volunteering is beneficial for the volunteer . Volunteering can teach people skills that they didn't have before. Colleges and employers tend to favor people who volunteer because of the skills that can be acquired during their volunteering. Most of the time those reasons are why people decide to volunteer, although people occasionally do have other reasons for volunteering. People volunteer because volunteering is beneficial to not just the volunteer, but also the community. According to the 2000 National Survey of Giving, Volunteering and Participating more than three quarters of volunteers said that their volunteer activities helped them to improve their skills at understanding people, communicating with others, their ability to deal with challenging situations, and other valuable skills ("Giving and volunteering"). These benefits can affect, and be drastically important in, every part of a persons life. The skills acquired can be applied not just to social situations, but also to business situations. The ability to be able to easily communication with others is essential. If some one cannot communicate with others, it could lead to very difficult situations. The ability to understand people is also essential. If the two greatest minds in the world got together to try to better the world,

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