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NVQ Level 3 Health & Social Care Unit HSC35 © the Sheffield College, 2008 2 NVQ Level 3 Health and Social Care Unit HSC35 NVQ Level 3 Health & Social Care and choice, well-being Promote iduals ection of all indiv prot The exercises and information provided in this unit will help you to advance your workplace learning by under-pinning the practical aspects of your work with the theory and reasoning that is behind it. At the end of the unit, it is expected that you will know and understand this theory. This knowledge is described as the ‘Learning Outcomes’. For each unit your ‘Learning Outcomes’ will be clearly stated at the start of the unit. Learning Outcomes • That you know and understand legal and organisational requirements on equality, diversity, discrimination and rights when working with individuals, key people and others when promoting choice, wellbeing and protection. • That you can provide active support to meet the holistic needs of individuals whilst protecting them by identifying risks of actual and likely danger or harm and abuse. This unit covers some of the skills you will need to promote choice, wellbeing and protection of the individual on the ward. They will help you to: • Take account of each individual’s views and preferences whilst having a working knowledge of codes of practice, conduct and standards which relate to protecting them from danger or abuse. • Understand the legislation that relates to your practice. • Value and respect individuals and take account of their views and preferences. • Acquire a working knowledge of data protection. • Develop and maintain relationships that promote views, preferences and independence of individuals and key people. • Provide active support that meets the holistic needs and preferences of individuals. • Reflect on and challenge your own assumptions, behaviour and ways of
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