Nvq Level 5 Health and Social Care

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Review the range of groups and individuals whose communication needs must be addressed in own job role? Communication – the importing or exchanging of information by speaking, writing or using some other medium (Oxford English Dictionary). I can communicate in various ways in my job role which includes communicating in person, body language, telephone calls, fax, emails or written correspondence. I have to communicate with a range of different people which includes service users, staff, relatives and external agencies. To support effective communication in my job I need to ensure that I communicate with people in a way that is most suitable for them. There are several different needs that people have in relation to communication. These are varied and depend on factors which are sensory ability, cultural background, language, self-confidence, level of learning ability or physical ability. It is very important that when communicating with people I do it at the correct level of understanding. Effective written and verbal communication and being able to use a variety of interpersonal techniques promotes strong working relationships which will then lead to a good quality care for my service users. With service users I initially need to establish a service users ability, needs and preferences in relation to communication needs and develop a plan of action to provide appropriate support that meets the service users communication needs and methods. The assessment involves observation questions and regarding information on a number of areas including ways and their preference of communication by service users which support process of completing the service users person centred plans. Any changes to service users’ needs need to be recognized and care plans changed to support the changes. When conversing with service users I ensure I speak in an informal relaxed way I
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