Level 5 Diploma Leadership for Health & Social Care- Use and Develop Systems That Promote Communication

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Unit 1 – Use and Develop Systems that Promote Communication Whilst at work it’s essential that I am able to communicate successfully with a variety of groups and individuals with changing needs and agendas. It’s imperative that I am able to adjust my communication style to meet the needs of those individuals. The group of people I communicate with are varied and include the following: - Young people within the service, Staff (I.e. team leaders and residential care workers). Operations and regional managers, Human resources, commissioning / placements and finance. From external agencies this includes Parents and Social worker, reviewing officer. Ofsted Inspectors, Regulation 33 inspectors and any other agencies such as Camhs, Eclypse etc. Communication ensures that all professionals are involved in the life of the service user to ensure their development and future. Some of the meetings and discussions with the above people will include team and management meetings, heads of homes, looked after children reviews, planning meetings or strategy meetings. Staff training and young people’s meetings. It’s important that before I communicate with any individual or group I adopt the correct communication approach which involves active listening (showing verbal and non-verbal signs) clarification(using non-judgemental questioning, summarising and seeking feedback) and reflection (using mirroring or paraphrasing techniques) taking into consideration the following: - What’s their agenda? What’s their communication style? What are they attempting to achieve and what their level of understanding is. I also need to understand and consider how my message maybe received by communicating clearly to help avoid misunderstandings and potential conflict with others. In a group setting I also have to take into consideration that attendees are treated with respect given

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