Factors To Consider When Promoting Effective Communication Essay

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1. Identify the different reasons why people communicate (1.1.1) The main purpose for communicating is to get your point across to others. This is important in my job role so that I can gain an understanding into each individual’s life learning about their background, interests and opinions; this will allow me to give the best person centred care I can. Communication is also used to express feelings and thoughts 2. Explain how communication affects relationships in an adult social care setting (1.1.2) When working in a care setting communication is very important. You are expected to communicate with clients, their families other members off staff and other professionals such as GPs and social workers. It is important to communicate effectively…show more content…
The best way for me to establish the communication and language needs, wishes and preferences of an individual is to first off all look in the care plan as client’s wishes are often stated. I would ask the individual if the communication method being used is effective. I would also try out different methods to see which one gives the best result and the one which the individual is more comfortable and confident using. 4. Describe the factors to consider when promoting effective communication (2.2.2) There are different factors to consider when promoting effective communication. First of all you need to look at who you are communicating with and the reason why. If you are communicating with a friend then it would be informal but if you was communicating as part of a group meeting it would be a lot more formal .it is also important to establish the style of communication that is most appropriate for example when communicating with a client you would not be to formal avoiding the use of jargon as it may be misunderstood but not to informal with the use of swearing as it could cause

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