Equality, Diversity and Rights Essay

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Cambridge TECHNICALS OCR LEVEL 3 CAMBRIDGE TECHNICAL CERTIFICATE/DIPLOMA IN HEALTH AND SOCIAL CARE EQUALITY, DIVERSITY AND RIGHTS IN HEALTH AND SOCIAL CARE D/600/9222 LEVEL 3 UNIT 2 GUIDED LEARNING HOURS: 60 UNIT CREDIT VALUE: 10 EQUALITY, DIVERSITY AND RIGHTS IN HEALTH AND SOCIAL CARE D/600/9222 LEVEL 3 UNIT 2 AIM OF THE UNIT To provide effective care practitioners must have a good knowledge and understanding of the diversity that exists amongst people in society. Many individuals who need health, social or early years services can be vulnerable and dependent on others; this means that practitioners’ attitudes, values and prejudices can significantly affect the quality of care people who use services experience. This unit will help learners to appreciate the implications of diversity on practice and also the effects of discriminatory practice on people who use services. Learners will also gain an appreciation of how legislation, national initiatives and policy guidelines can support anti-discriminatory practice. PURPOSE OF THE UNIT Effective health and social care practice recognises and adapts to society and the needs of individuals within it. British society is extremely diverse, it is essential that service providers acknowledge this in order to gain an understanding of the implications of diversity in terms of equality and individual rights. This unit will help the learner to establish this understanding by focussing on issues of discrimination and discriminatory practice. The effects of discriminatory practice will be explored and the potential impact upon people who use services. Strategies used to promote anti-discriminatory practice will be addressed in terms of the role of legislation, codes of practice and working procedures in providing appropriate standards of support and care. www.ocr.org.uk 2 Equality, Diversity and

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