Drug And Alcohol Services Development Case Study

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The following are key challenges for drug and alcohol services development: • The complexity of delivering comprehensive drug and alcohol clinical across multiple sites and large geographic distances • Timely access to treatment services • Recruitment and retention of staff (nursing, allied health and medical), to be able to offer a range of services with a quality standard of care in acceptable time frames and workloads • Providing professional development opportunities to staff across the service • Implementing new and enhancing existing culturally appropriate services for Aboriginal and socially disadvantaged communities • Provision of adequate IT, support services and booking systems to support the provision of coordinated and…show more content…
Support staff should demonstrate respect for the service user and his/her way of life. The Service Provider is expected to meet the diverse needs and requirements of the client group. Referrals The Service Provider will develop and implement a criteria and robust processes for receiving, managing and prioritising referrals (including emergency referrals), to ensure the service is accessible and referrals are processed efficiently. There shall be an assessment of needs and risk prior to a decision being made regarding the offer of a service. These processes must be agreed by the Supporting People team. There should be no blanket exclusions to accessing the service, except in cases where an unmanageable risk is presented. In this instance we mean where risks in relation to lone working, risks to others and risks from others cannot be managed by the Support Staff. Support Standards The Service Provider will undertake an assessment of support needs for all service users and agree support plans in line with agreed risk assessment process, including a timescale for the gradual withdrawal of…show more content…
The Service Provider must be committed to continuous improvement utilising the Quality Assessment Framework. The Service Provider must see complaints as a positive feedback tool where service users and carers are encouraged and empowered to use the complaints procedure. The Service Provider must keep a complete record of all complaints made. At a reasonable request, the Service Provider must supply the Supporting People team with a copy of records and responses relating to complaints and compliments made in relation to the Support Services. Staffing The service provider must operate a recruitment and selection policy that aims to eliminate discrimination in recruitment processes. The Service Provider must deliver the service in accordance with relevant legislation and best practice pertinent to the client group. The Service Provider must employ adequate numbers of people of sufficient ability, skill, knowledge, training or experience so as to properly provide, and to supervise the proper provision of the support service for people with complex needs. Page 6 of 13 Management, accountancy and administrative support will be provided for the Service by the

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