Tanglewood Case 1

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Case One: Tanglewood Stores and Staffing Strategy To: Daryl Perrone, Staffing Service Director and Marilyn Gonzalez, Vice President of Human Resources From: Shanca Cooper, Staffing Consultant Memo: Tangelwood Staffing Strategy I want to thank you for giving me this opportunity to provide you with some excellent staffing strategies for your company. With the continuous growth of your company we must ensure your employees are not only knowledgeable but inefficient in all areas of the company’s mission. In order to complete this task I should explain to how we’re going to get there. Acquire or Develop Talent Acquiring talent would be utilized when the organization need people which require little to no training for existiting and new job opportunities. Developing talent is utilized when the organization have people which have the basic foundation, willingness for growth, and therefore the company develop skills need to complete job duties. Tanglewood should focus on acquiring talent internally due the open nature which currently allows employees to make suggestion on a companywide level. With the suggestion provided by the employees upper management has seen the potential within your employees now we need to develop their talents. Hire Yourself or Outsource Hiring yourself gives you total control of the hiring process of who will be employed at your company. Outsourcing allows another company to recruit and select employees which givens them total control. Outsourcing alleviates any stress on the current HR department by identifying primary candidates. Due to the current restructure of your HR department it would be best to consider outsourcing at the present moment. External or Internal Hiring When new vacancies or job openings are available with an organization, the company has to determine if external or internal recruitment will be best to fill

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