Tanglewood Case 1

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Russell/Chapter 1/TC1 Mr. Penchiala our goal is to look into your staffing strategies and see where decisions can be made that will improve the work environment, recruit the best people, and provide opportunities for creativity and increase productivity as well as profits for Tanglewood. Our first step is to look at the areas of staffing and decide the position in each area that will benefit Tanglewood. This is an overview of those areas and my recommendations for the position Tanglewood should take in those areas and why. We will address each area in more detail as we move forward. With each area there is a continuum that has an either/or extreme on each end. My job is to identify where on that continuum is the best fit for Tanglewood. In some cases it may be one specific choice and in others it may be a meeting in the middle or blending of the two extremes. For every business it is unique so that the business can succeed. There are nine areas to consider in the staffing levels for your business. The first would be whether you acquire staffing or develop talent. I believe that there needs to be a blending of both. I believe that developing staff for management positions from within the organization is the best fit but these can be sales people with previous retail/management experience. Having management experience helps you to have people to put into place but developing their talents in how Tanglewood does business creates the best for your company. Developing sales staff talent gives you the opportunity to be the first teacher they have and creates a future leadership team. This talent is taught by you and trained in your operations and procedures but also allowed to invest in the company with their creativity. This creates a long term bond and investment for both you and the employees. The next area would be deciding if Tanglewood is going to handle the
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