Tanglewood Case 1

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Case 1: Tanglewood Stores and Staffing Strategy To: Daryl Perrone, Staffing Services Director Marilyn Gonzalez, Vice President of Human Resources In this report I will be doing a Strategic Staffing Analysis that will focus on the key requirements about acquisition, development, and retention of Tanglewoods workforce with some ideas I believe will be beneficial to the company. The Strategic Staffing that I will be discussing in the report are: Staffing Levels • Acquire or Develop Talent • Hire Yourself or Outsource • External or Internal Hiring • Core or Flexible Workforce • Hire or Retain • National or Global • Attract or Relocate • Overstaff or Understaffed • Short –or Long-Term Focus Staffing Quality • Person/Job or Person/Organization Match • Specific or General KSAOs • Exceptional or Acceptable Workforce Quality • Active or Passive Diversity Acquire or develop Talent Tanglewoods strategy has been to listen to its employee’s opinions and ideas about improving the company. Develop the talent of current employees and training them to managers will end in a great overall performance of the company. Hire yourself or outsource Definitively outsourcing is not a smart decision for the company. An outsource recruiter does not know well the company’s culture and value as well as an internal recruiter. External or Internal Hiring Tanglewood should go for internal hiring. This will allow employees to use the internal market and a springboard for launching long-term careers within the company. External may be necessary to fill out the entry-level positions or any other position where there are no acceptable internal applicants. Core or flexible workforce Tanglewood should focus on Core Workforce when selecting employees. The company which is based on a team philosophy will accomplish its goals easiest through core workforce. It will be
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