Summary of Oedipus Complex

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A 1. Larry showed his Oedipus behavior to his mother by telling her that he’d love to hang out to the Fox and Houns, use his new net to catch the fish, and visit the Glen (161). He wanted to do so because he loved only the mother otherwise he’d invite his father too. 2. Larry stated his Oedipus behavior to his mother that “I’m going to marry you” (166). It’s so humorous because he was just 5 years old, but he acted as if he were a man. 3. The Oedipus behavior of Larry is that he told his mother that he wanted to have many babies with his mother after they got married. This is funny because he was too young to be a father and he didn’t even know what married was (166). 4. Larry emphasizes that, “I was prepared to compete with him any time for Mother’s attention” (160). It’s so humorous because people usually compete with their enemies, but Larry wanted to compete with his father even though he’s just 5 year-old. B 1. Larry talks like a man, “Next morning I woke at my usual hour, feeling like a bottle of champagne” (161). This’s so funny because Larry is a kid and he’s never drank alcohol, but he acted as if he has an experience about that. 2. When Larry gets mad at his parents, he said “they really made my blood boil” (164). It’s humorous because being as a child never know and understand about this sentence. 3. Larry talks like a man, “I pretended to be talking to myself, and said in a loud voice: ’If another bloody baby comes into this house, I’m going out’ ” (166). This’s funny because he’s just 5 years old, but he talked like a man in a movie. 4. “I wanted to be treated as an equal in my own home,” thinks Larry (162). It’s funny because Larry is the youngest member in the house and he doesn’t own the house, so he doesn’t the same power as his parents to be

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